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      program ungrasp
C                                                     *
C UNGRASP -                                                             *
C                                                     *
C     This program will take the information from a GRASP surface     *
C file and convert it to a form usable by the render program in         *
C Raster3D.  Note that the 2nd + 3rd records list the file contents,    *
C but I haven

't added code here to interpret all of them.  The program  *C can currently handle potentials and vertexcolors.                     *C                                                    *C 30 Sep 1994    Ethan A Merritt - initial version                       *C 24 Jan 1995  EAM - option to output grid rather than surface       *C 16 Feb 1996    EAM - fixed scale conversion of potential to color info *C              coordinated with Raster3d Version 2.2             *C              Recognize GRASP Version 1.2 files (format2) also      *C 18 Mar 1998    EAM - updated code to use explicit vertex colors in   *C                Raster3D V2.4d                            *C  7 May 1998    EAM - ditto for calculated potentials                 *C                                                    *C************************************************************************C   parameter (MAXPTS = 200000)C  real*4      vertex(3,MAXPTS)  real*4      normal(3,MAXPTS)  real*4      access(3,MAXPTS)  real*4      potent(MAXPTS)    real*4      curvature(MAXPTS) real*4      distances(MAXPTS) real*4      gprop1(MAXPTS)    real*4      gprop2(MAXPTS)    real*4      discol(MAXPTS)    integer*2   triangl2(3,MAXPTS)      integer*4   triangle(3,MAXPTS)C     integer           i,j,k,ic    real*4            xlo,xhi,ylo,yhi,zlo,zhi logical           clip  logical           grid  logical           pots, potcol      logical           cols, vercol      character*80      line, line3 character*64      infile, outfile   integer*4   nvert, ntriangles, gridsize   real*4            lattice, center(3)      integer           filetypeC   integer           indexc(256) real*4            coltab(256,3)     real*4            rgb(3,3)C         type 1,'Input file: 

'1    format($,a) accept '(a)
', infile   open (unit=1, file=infile, status='old', form='unformatted

')    cc    Can we read this file?  read (1) line     type *,'header line 1:

',line      if (line(1:8).eq."format=1") then       filetype = 1  else if (line(1:8).eq."format=2") then        filetype = 2  else      type *,'Sorry, unrecognized file format

'         call exit     endifc      read (1) line     type *,'header line 2:

',linec     read (1) line3    type *,'header line 3:

',line3     read (1) lineC    type *,'header line 4:

',line      read (line,*) nvert, ntriangles, gridsize, lattice    type *, 'vertices, triangles, gridsize, lattice spacing

'     type *,  nvert, ntriangles, gridsize, lattice   read (1) lineC    type *,'header line 5:

',line      read (line,*) center    type *, 'center

'     type *, center(1), center(2), center(3)CC Interpret line2 to find contents of fileC read (1) (vertex(1,i),vertex(2,i),vertex(3,i), i=1,nvert)   read (1) (access(1,i),access(2,i),access(3,i), i=1,nvert)   read (1) (normal(1,i),normal(2,i),normal(3,i), i=1,nvert)   if (filetype.eq.1) then     read (1) (triangl2(1,i),triangl2(2,i),triangl2(3,i),      &               i=1,ntriangles)       do i=1,ntriangles         triangle(1,i) = triangl2(1,i)       triangle(2,i) = triangl2(2,i)       triangle(3,i) = triangl2(3,i)     enddo   endif if (filetype.eq.2) then     read (1) (triangle(1,i),triangle(2,i),triangle(3,i),      &               i=1,ntriangles)   endifCC     Interpret line3 to find contents of fileC pots = .false.    cols = .false.    l = 1   11  continue    if (line3(l:l).eq." ") then         goto 12     else if (line3(l:l).eq.",") then          l = l+1     else if (line3(l:l+9).eq."potentials") then           pots = .true.           l = l+10    else if (line3(l:l+10).eq."vertexcolor") then         cols = .true.           l = l+11    else        type *,'Don''t know how to handle 

', line3(l:80)          goto 12     endif goto 11   12      continue    if (pots) then        potmin =  999.          potmax = -999.          type *,'This file contains potentials

'         read (1) (potent(i), i=1,nvert)     do i=1,nvert        if (potent(i).gt.potmax) potmax=potent(i)       if (potent(i).lt.potmin) potmin=potent(i)     enddo       type *,'Potential range:
',potmin,potmax       type 1,'Color by potential? 
'         accept '(a80)
',line          if (line(1:1).eq.'y' .or. line(1:1).eq.'Y

') then           potcol =  .true.        type 1,'What did GRASP say the max potential was? 

'           accept *,potxxx         potmax =  potxxx        potmin = -potxxx      else          potcol = .false.        potxxx = 1.0          endif       nclip = 0         do i=1,nvert        if (potent(i) .gt.  potxxx) then              potent(i) =  potxxx           nclip = nclip + 1         endif       if (potent(i) .lt. -potxxx) then              potent(i) = -potxxx           nclip = nclip + 1         endif     enddo       type *,nclip,' truncated color values

'     endif if (cols) then        type *,'This file contains discrete vertex colors

'         read (1) (discol(i), i=1,nvert)     do j=1,256          indexc(j) = 0         enddo       do i=1,nvert        j = discol(i)           indexc(j) = indexc(j) + 1         enddo       type 1,'Use vertex colours? 
'         accept '(a80)
',line          if (line(1:1).eq.'y' .or. line(1:1).eq.'Y

') then           vercol =  .true.        do i=1,256            if (indexc(i).gt.0) then              type '($,a,i4,a)','RGB components for color',i,': 

'                 accept *, coltab(i,1),coltab(i,2),coltab(i,3)             endif         enddo     endif   endifCC DEBUG - print out first 10 of eachC     goto 100    do i=1,10       type 2, i,    (vertex(j,i),j=1,3)     2         format(' Vertex',i4,':

',t20,3f8.2)      enddo do i=1,10       type 4, i,    (normal(j,i),j=1,3)     4         format(' Normal',i4,':

',t20,3f8.2)      enddo do i=1,10       type 6, i, (triangle(j,i),j=1,3)    6     format(' Triangle',i4,':

',t20,3i8)  enddoC      do i=1,10       i1 = triangle(1,i)      i2 = triangle(2,i)      i3 = triangle(3,i)      type 8, i, (vertex(j,i1),j=1,3), (vertex(k,i2),k=1,3),     *            (vertex(l,i3),l=1,3)    8     format(' Triangle',i4,':

',t20,3f8.2,2(/,t20,3f8.2))   enddoC      if (cols) type *, 'Vertex colours

',(discol(i),i=1,10)  100     continueCC Allow windowing of triangles output, either to select aC specific subset of the original file contents, or to C reduce the processing overhead in Raster3D by omittingC triangles which will be out of the figure anyway.C     type 1,'Clipping bounds (xlo,xhi,ylo,yhi,zlo,zhi:
'     accept '(a80)

',line      read (line,*,err=101) xlo,xhi,ylo,yhi,zlo,zhi  101    continue    if (xhi.gt.xlo .and. yhi.gt.ylo .and. zhi.gt.zlo) then          clip = .TRUE.     type 102,xlo,xhi,ylo,yhi,zlo,zhi  102     format('Clipping limits will be: 

', 6f10.3)  else      clip = .FALSE.          type *,'No clipping limits

'     end ifCC Allow two output modesC  1)      Surface made up of triangles with explicit normalsC  2)     Grid/mesh made up of thin cylinders along edges of the trianglesC type 1,'Output grid rather than surface?
'     accept '(a80)
',line      if (line(1:1).eq.'y' .or. line(1:1).eq.'Y

') then         grid =  .true.      else      grid = .false.CC Grasp seems a bit chaotic about the direction of the normal vectorsC it puts out.  Allow inversion here.C      type 1,'Invert normals?
'     accept '(a80)
',line      if (line(1:1).eq.'y' .or. line(1:1).eq.'Y

') then         invert = -1   else      invert =  1   end if      end ifCC Write out a Raster3D format file consisting of triangles C and surface normals (obviously needs a new version of render!)C type 1,'Output file: 
'     accept '(a)
', outfile  open (unit=2, file=outfile, form='FORMATTED
',     *          carriagecontrol='LIST', status='UNKNOWN

')CC Assume constant colour for surface, unless discrete vertex colors areC in the GRASP file.C red   = 0.855     green = 0.855     blue  = 0.855     radius = 0.018          do i=1,ntriangles     i1 = triangle(1,i)      i2 = triangle(2,i)      i3 = triangle(3,i)      if (clip) then            if (vertex(1,i1).lt.xlo .or. vertex(1,i1).gt.xhi) goto 200        if (vertex(2,i1).lt.ylo .or. vertex(2,i1).gt.yhi) goto 200        if (vertex(3,i1).lt.zlo .or. vertex(3,i1).gt.zhi) goto 200      end if      if (potcol) then          call potrgb( potent(i1), potmin, potmax, rgb(1,1) )         call potrgb( potent(i2), potmin, potmax, rgb(1,2) )         call potrgb( potent(i3), potmin, potmax, rgb(1,3) )       endif       if (vercol) then          j1 = discol(i1)         j2 = discol(i2)         j3 = discol(i3)         red   = (coltab(j1,1) + coltab(j2,1) + coltab(j3,1)) / 3.         green = (coltab(j1,2) + coltab(j2,2) + coltab(j3,2)) / 3.         blue  = (coltab(j1,3) + coltab(j2,3) + coltab(j3,3)) / 3.       endifC      /* Grid of lines along triangle edges */        if (grid) then            write (2,10)      (vertex(j,i1),j=1,3), radius,     *                   (vertex(k,i2),k=1,3), radius,     *                   red, green, blue        write (2,10)      (vertex(k,i2),k=1,3), radius,     *                   (vertex(l,i3),l=1,3), radius,     *                   red, green, blue        write (2,10)      (vertex(l,i3),l=1,3), radius,     *                   (vertex(j,i1),j=1,3), radius,     *                   red, green, blue   10         format('3

',/, 3f8.3, f8.3, 3f8.3, f8.3, 1x, 3f6.2)C          /* Surface made up of triangles with explicit normals */          else          write (2,14)      (vertex(j,i1),j=1,3),      *                    (vertex(k,i2),k=1,3),     *                     (vertex(l,i3),l=1,3),     *                     red, green, blue   14         format('1

',/, 3f8.3, 3f8.3, 3f8.3, 1x, 3f6.2)            write (2,16)      (invert * normal(j,i1),j=1,3),      *                       (invert * normal(k,i2),k=1,3),     *                        (invert * normal(l,i3),l=1,3)   16        format('7

',/, 3f8.3, 3f8.3, 3f8.3, 1x, 3f6.2)            if (vercol) then        write (2,17) (coltab(j1,ic),ic=1,3),     *                       (coltab(j2,ic),ic=1,3),     *                       (coltab(j3,ic),ic=1,3)           else if (potcol) then         write (2,17) (rgb(k,1),k=1,3),     *                       (rgb(k,2),k=1,3),     *                   (rgb(k,3),k=1,3)         endif   17        format('17

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